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Top 5 Tips for Freelancing in 2015

In case you missed it, it’s the New Year. On the horizon are a few months of crossing out the date when you write 2014, wondering where the last year went and a barrage of people telling you how to de-tox, de-clutter and deliver… Continue Reading “Top 5 Tips for Freelancing in 2015”

Freelance – The First Year

It’s the start of the school holidays, so this year I have taken time off work and have been helping out with our local community theatre’s Junior members annual two-week workshop. It’s two weeks where thirty-two youngsters from the age of 8-18 get together to write, direct,… Continue Reading “Freelance – The First Year”

In Defence of the Freelance

Freelance Like many other independent workers I have a slight problem with the word freelance. It conjures up many things – A free spirit wandering through the corridors of the working world, picking up assignments wherever they fall A professional who craves the independence… Continue Reading “In Defence of the Freelance”