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Checker Charlie – Freelance Monster

While the Imposter Monster can sometimes come to visit, and his cousin Perfectionist Pete likes to pop up every now and then, there’s another freelance monsterling that can make your life a misery if you’re not careful. Unlike the big monsters this one is… Continue Reading “Checker Charlie – Freelance Monster”

Be Free – Be Flexible

  You may have noticed that this blog post has been uploaded slightly late. You may not have realised and perhaps may not actually care? It’s all down to being flexible. I hadn’t written a blog this week due to having my head in… Continue Reading “Be Free – Be Flexible”

When Freelancers Fall Ill

When you are an ill freelancer your day goes something like this:   You wake up needing to stay in bed, but drag yourself out knowing there is work to be done Get on your best blankie / jumper / cardie and snuggle at… Continue Reading “When Freelancers Fall Ill”