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The January slow down – or how my freelance work dried up

drought, desert, lack of work

    I’ve been awol for a while. Did you notice? It’s been a mad two months and something had to give. That something was my blog.   Now, normally I would apologise, but for the sake of all things healthy I’m not going… Continue Reading “The January slow down – or how my freelance work dried up”

Things I wish I’d known when I started freelancing

Freelancing is tough, fun, energising, soul destroying, confidence building, the best thing in the world and the worst thing in the world. You find things out about yourself that you never would if you worked for a company, in an office, day in, day… Continue Reading “Things I wish I’d known when I started freelancing”

How I Prioritise

  Yesterday I forgot to post a blog post. Totally forgot. I actually, really, honestly forgot what day it was. This last week I’ve been juggling work with a side project, some CPD, OU coursework (it’s been submission week for an assessment) and panto… Continue Reading “How I Prioritise”