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What to expect from a manuscript assessment

A good story opens doorways to new lives

  You’ve finished your book. Now you’re all ready for that final polish before publication. Or are you? Wooooah, slow down a minute! There are millions of books out there ready to read. Some will do really well, get loads of 5-star reviews and… Continue Reading “What to expect from a manuscript assessment”

How To Get Away With Murder

(and romance, mystery, history, fantasy …)   By making your book as good as it can be, of course (what else did you think I was talking about?). Ok, now that I have your attention, you weren’t really going to publish your book without… Continue Reading “How To Get Away With Murder”

The Weightless World

weightless balloons

The Weightless World Anthony Trevelyan Galley Beggar Press Pub: 18th June 2015 http://galleybeggar.co.uk ‘I need to find Ess and look him in the face and tell him pretty much that the whole deal is slipping away from us. And then, if he wants to… Continue Reading “The Weightless World”