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Twitter Typo Terror

We’ve all done it…quickly typed a tweet, hit send then thought no more about it. Until you go back to your timeline and there’s a great big typo screaming at you. Sometimes you’re lucky and you realise straight away. Sometimes it’s hours. Sometimes it’s… Continue Reading “Twitter Typo Terror”

10 Quick Checks That Could Save Your Website

Typos are making the news again. This month the Chicago Tribune has reported that a number of journalism graduates received diplomas listing their major as “Itegrated Marketing Communications” rather than Integrated (see… with an N). I hope they get new certificates! It may not… Continue Reading “10 Quick Checks That Could Save Your Website”

Errors be gone… train your brain

When you are working on screen all day it’s easy to miss things. You’ve done your checks… done them again, and done another check just to be sure. If you are lucky someone else checks, and perhaps checks again (hence the importance of a… Continue Reading “Errors be gone… train your brain”