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Your Editorial Professionals

Reasons to hire an editor AND a proofreader. This week I’m here to remind you why it is important to have your books both edited and proofread. Whether you are a publishing company, or a self-publishing author, both parts of the publication process are… Continue Reading “Your Editorial Professionals”

2014 – The Year of the Troll

  If you write a blog and happen to work in the publishing industry, the chances are you have been trolled in the last year. If you write a blog and say what you think, the chances are you have also been trolled. If… Continue Reading “2014 – The Year of the Troll”

Dyslexia and social media

On Children in Need night McBusted/Mcfly drummer Harry Judd made a quip, spelt allowed as aloud and immediately he was hounded for his spelling. It brings to light another aspect of social media and everyday life. When the pedants come out and make snarky… Continue Reading “Dyslexia and social media”