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Copy Editors Matter

Yesterday copy editors on Twitter came out in solidarity with their colleagues in the New York Times. The paper is reported to be shifting to be more reporter focussed and is cutting down on the number of copy editors in the team from over… Continue Reading “Copy Editors Matter”

Typo Time

I’ve had my head buried in work. It’s very interesting work, but this week has flown by. So I decided not to write a serious blog post (ok, I forgot, but hey a girl’s gotta pay the bills). Working with words I’m used to… Continue Reading “Typo Time”

The Editor’s Nightmare

This week I want to quickly pick up on a subject that isn’t really spoken about. It’s not a massive taboo, and it’s not a secret, but it just seems to get forgotten or swept under the carpet. There’s a lot said in blogs… Continue Reading “The Editor’s Nightmare”