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5 Ways To Communicate Well

I’ve been away (did you miss me?). I had a lovely, well-deserved, trip home to meet my new nephew. But as usual the drive south was eventful. Every time I hit the Forth Road Bridge (not literally), once I get over the water, I… Continue Reading “5 Ways To Communicate Well”

How Wonderful Is The Internet When You Freelance?

There are days when I marvel at how wonderful the internet is. I’m old enough to remember when it didn’t exist. One of our first year projects at University was to make a Teletext page (remember those?), and one of my final dissertations was… Continue Reading “How Wonderful Is The Internet When You Freelance?”

How to Avoid the Spam Bucket

Fed up with spammy contacts? Yup, me too. You know when you look at a contact and think ‘is this real?’, well this has happened to me on more than a few occasions, and I’ll bet it’s happened to you too. If truth be… Continue Reading “How to Avoid the Spam Bucket”