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Musings on the SfEP 2017 conference

I wasn’t going to write about the latest SfEP conference. For the past few years I’ve attended the conference, come back all enthusiastic and waxed lyrical about how fabulous it all is. But you know what? I am going to tell you all about… Continue Reading “Musings on the SfEP 2017 conference”

Do you need to like your editor or proofreader?

You’ve finished your book, completed your marketing material or are looking for some help with your PhD thesis. Now you’ve got to find an editor / proofreader / wordy wordsmith. How to find an editor or proofreader It’s a tough decision. First you have… Continue Reading “Do you need to like your editor or proofreader?”

Ten Reasons You Absolutely Must Network If You Are A Freelancer

Network. You must network.   Whether you’re a writer, an editor, a designer, a llama wrangler or any other type of freelancer you MUST network.   This is non-negotiable if you want to survive your freelancing years. I know, it’s a pain. You’d rather… Continue Reading “Ten Reasons You Absolutely Must Network If You Are A Freelancer”