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Time to relax

I’ve been staring at the screen for a while now. It’s Friday, blog day, and there is no blog. This isn’t down to writer’s block, it’s down to good old-fashioned time management (or lack of it if I’m perfectly honest). Over the past two… Continue Reading “Time to relax”

The Editor’s Dream

editors dream

    Last week I wrote about every editor’s nightmare. So, this week let’s go more positive. Being a freelance editor has its frustrations and limitations, but there are also joys. There is nothing quite so satisfying as knowing that a good job has… Continue Reading “The Editor’s Dream”

A Freelance Editor’s Promise

No matter where you look people are doing business. From the entrepreneurs talking themselves up on Twitter to your local friendly shopkeeper, everyone needs to earn a living. Freelancers are no different; some are better at business than others, and the Internet has been… Continue Reading “A Freelance Editor’s Promise”