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Why Editing Matters

When you think about it, editing is a pretty strange occupation. People spend weeks, months, years writing something that is important to them. From a nugget of an idea a book is formed. The author writes… sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s hard and occasionally… Continue Reading “Why Editing Matters”

Is your editing head always on?

One of the problems with being an editor is that, like Worzel Gummidge, sometimes you have to screw your Editing Head off and put it in the cupboard. Before I entered the hallowed corridors of editorship I rarely looked at a book with a… Continue Reading “Is your editing head always on?”

Economy Driven – cheapest isn’t always best

You’ve got a dilemma. You have a project, there’s a budget, it’s quite small, but you need the job doing properly. What do you do? Does this sound familiar… You get your copy written – a book (that took months of your life), a… Continue Reading “Economy Driven – cheapest isn’t always best”