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So you just stamp books?

This is a statement I’ve come across for the last…oh, lets say over 20 years (crikey that makes me sound old!). When I was a Librarianship & Information Studies student, way back when, working my way towards a four-year honours degree, I regularly got… Continue Reading “So you just stamp books?”

One Size Does Not Fit All

  Have you ever wandered to a website, or read a business brochure, and taken a step back at the words “Contact me for more information and a quote”? I’ve done it myself… “oooh not going to bother with THAT, I’ll bet it’s really… Continue Reading “One Size Does Not Fit All”

The Apostrophe in Branding

The humble apostrophe has made the news again. As I settled down to my toast and home-made jam on Saturday morning there was a discussion on BBC Breakfast news about this much misused punctuation mark. So why the worries this time? Well, a runner-up… Continue Reading “The Apostrophe in Branding”