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Stop The Race To The Bottom, Value Your Writing Services

I need an editor … you’ll be rewarded I need an editor … you’ll get great exposure I need an editor … fast I need an editor … I don’t mind paying I need an editor … willing to pay I need an editor… Continue Reading “Stop The Race To The Bottom, Value Your Writing Services”

Which Editor to Use

Editing’s a funny old occupation. It covers so many things. There are film editors, sound editors, tv and radio editors and newspaper editors as well as editors who work generally with words. Basically, anyone who chops stuff up, changes it and works with the… Continue Reading “Which Editor to Use”

Perfect Plays and Pantos

It’s that time of year again… panto rehearsals are in full swing and I’ve been asked to produce a musical next year. Excellent stuff. Well it can be. Now, since I started working backstage in our local theatre I have noticed one thing that… Continue Reading “Perfect Plays and Pantos”