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Is it better to hire an editor who lives locally?

Remember, there are thousands of trained editors out there

Over the years I’ve had a fair number of potential clients preferring to hire an editor who lives locally. Don’t worry, it’s not just me, it happens. This week I’ll look at why this isn’t necessarily a good idea. And why in some cases… Continue Reading “Is it better to hire an editor who lives locally?”

Respect Your Colleagues

  A quick message today. Let’s just say I have work to do and a massive assignment due in for my OU course. Or rather I have a humongous reference section for my OU course that needs my attention (don’t you just love references?)… Continue Reading “Respect Your Colleagues”

Why Words Can Kill Your Business (And What To Do About It)

  Your business thrives on words. Ok, you might think I would say that, being an editor and all, but stop for a minute. How do you get your message across to your clients and customers? Fabulous, eye-catching images and words. Lots and lots… Continue Reading “Why Words Can Kill Your Business (And What To Do About It)”