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10 steps to productive working

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about things you should know before you turn freelance. Well this week it’s all about productive working once you are freelance. I’ll bet you’ll find some contradictions…but that’s just another part of being your own boss!… Continue Reading “10 steps to productive working”

Do you have High IQ?

I don’t know about you but I like great customer service. I like to know that when I order a service, or buy a product, there is a person behind the product. Someone I can turn to if things go wrong (and let’s admit… Continue Reading “Do you have High IQ?”

Blog Day

It’s blog day Following on from last week’s 10 Steps to Successful Blogging I thought I’d get a little creative, and let you in on a secret. It’s true I do tend to have ideas stashed and I do also have articles stored up… Continue Reading “Blog Day”