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Ditch the Hard Sell, Be a People Person

I don’t believe in the hard sell. I believe in people. Take a look around the internet and often it feels like you are in one huge marketplace. People are screaming at you from all sides. “Buy what I have to sell” “Pick me,… Continue Reading “Ditch the Hard Sell, Be a People Person”


We’ve all done it… multi-tasked. Multi-tasking is great when it works – a little bit of this, a little bit of that. Save time and energy getting it all done by streamlining and managing your work effectively. But sometimes in business it pays to… Continue Reading “Teamwork”

Content Consultancy for Business

Way back in March and May I penned a couple of blog posts about why businesses need editors. A lot of my other posts have also touched on the subject too, after all it’s not just publishers who should benefit. But recently it’s been… Continue Reading “Content Consultancy for Business”