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In Defence of the Freelance

Freelance Like many other independent workers I have a slight problem with the word freelance. It conjures up many things – A free spirit wandering through the corridors of the working world, picking up assignments wherever they fall A professional who craves the independence… Continue Reading “In Defence of the Freelance”

Newsletters for Business

Friend, foe or flippin nuisance? We’ve all seen it…  you go to your inbox and find you have to wade through a million newsletters and advertising emails to get to the ones that count. Ok, maybe not a million, but some days it REALLY… Continue Reading “Newsletters for Business”

How to brief your editor

It can be scary working with an editor for the first time… Perhaps you are baffled by all the talk of levels of editing, don’t know what the difference is between an editor and a proofreader or are just not sure what you want… Continue Reading “How to brief your editor”