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How To Survive First Contact With Your Editor

Right, let’s admit something right at the start. Talking to someone you don’t know, even if it’s by email, is scary (don’t even get me onto phone calls!). We always worry about seeming too formal/informal/pushy/weak/ignorant etc. It can be worse when the communication is… Continue Reading “How To Survive First Contact With Your Editor”

Your Editorial Professionals

Reasons to hire an editor AND a proofreader. This week I’m here to remind you why it is important to have your books both edited and proofread. Whether you are a publishing company, or a self-publishing author, both parts of the publication process are… Continue Reading “Your Editorial Professionals”

Fast, Good and Cheap

Over the past few months I’ve thought a lot about the triple constraint model of project management. While being a guideline for business, I believe the TC model should also be something that is stuck firmly on the wall of every freelancer… just as… Continue Reading “Fast, Good and Cheap”