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Why should my business use a writer?

Why bother hiring a writer?

Writer, copywriter, copy writer, content writer. Like editors, there are a fair few names for them. There are subtle distinctions, like a copywriter usually focuses on marketing and advertising and a content writer usually focuses on content, such as blogs, ebooks and the like….

Do You Really Know What You Want?

A long time ago I posted an article on how to get what you want, but what if you really don’t know what treatment you want or need for your documents to start with? It’s tricky, there are so many bits of jargon floating…

10 Reasons Your Business Needs An Editor

Does this sound familiar? Your business is up and running, you’ve put in more hours than you’d care to count, there’s been blood, sweat and tears but you’ve got there. It’s your baby and you want to watch it grow. Or perhaps you are…