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The First John O’Groats Book Festival

This weekend was the first John O’Groats book festival. I’ve looked forward to this for a while and I’m happy to say that it was an enjoyable event that gave me a lot to think about. Spread over two days, Friday kicked off the… Continue Reading “The First John O’Groats Book Festival”

What to Expect from the Editorial Process

  You’ve written your book (or your business documentation), done all your groundwork, sorted out your budget and found an editor you’d like to work with. So what happens next? What can you expect from working with an editor? Every editor is different. Just… Continue Reading “What to Expect from the Editorial Process”

10 small things that will make your document ready for an editor

Let’s admit it, it’s a big step hiring an editor. You’ve researched editors in your genre, you’ve sorted out your budget so it’s realistic and you have your manuscript in a Word document (or ten). After approaching a couple of professional editors you’ve found… Continue Reading “10 small things that will make your document ready for an editor”