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How To Survive First Contact With Your Editor

Right, let’s admit something right at the start. Talking to someone you don’t know, even if it’s by email, is scary (don’t even get me onto phone calls!). We always worry about seeming too formal/informal/pushy/weak/ignorant etc. It can be worse when the communication is… Continue Reading “How To Survive First Contact With Your Editor”

Bookish Festivals for 2015

This week I’m off to Fife for the Scottish Community Drama Association Youth Finals with the Thurso Players Blackout crew. The team have been working hard and have held audiences spellbound with their performance, it’s going to be a memorable weekend! But never fear,… Continue Reading “Bookish Festivals for 2015”

Self-Publishers, Respect Your Writing

I love books. I always have. And the fact that I work with helping to create books always puts a smile on my face. The world would be a sad place without books to read. But along with books by the big publishers and… Continue Reading “Self-Publishers, Respect Your Writing”