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The Publishing Process explained for new authors

reading about the publishing process for authors

How do books get published? It’s not really that complicated, but getting your book published can seem quite daunting to new authors. While this isn’t an in-depth look at book publishing, it should help you to break down the process and understand what happens… Continue Reading “The Publishing Process explained for new authors”

How to Deal with Tracked Changes in Word

When you receive an edited file from your editor, your first thoughts might be quite overwhelming. You’ve spent weeks, months or even years getting your document just right. Or so you thought. You open up your Word document, and there in front of you… Continue Reading “How to Deal with Tracked Changes in Word”

What to Expect from the Editorial Process

  You’ve written your book (or your business documentation), done all your groundwork, sorted out your budget and found an editor you’d like to work with. So what happens next? What can you expect from working with an editor? Every editor is different. Just… Continue Reading “What to Expect from the Editorial Process”