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Effective Communication With Clients

I’m sitting writing this blog post in the middle of panto rehearsals (shhh don’t tell anyone). We’re in rehearsals four times a week now as we head towards the performance dates, so as you can expect things are getting hectic. But, while one of… Continue Reading “Effective Communication With Clients”

5 Things to Do Before You Send Your Book To A Copy Editor

  Because what we do can be mystifying to authors, manuscripts come to us in all shapes and sizes. Over the years I’ve had books that are damn near perfect, and others that needed a lot of TLC to bring them up to publishable… Continue Reading “5 Things to Do Before You Send Your Book To A Copy Editor”

5 Things To Do When You’re Ill

This week I became painfully aware of one of the drawbacks of becoming a freelance hermit. I took two days off and went to a gig – it was great (well, apart from being surrounded by 7 foot 6 humans who blocked my view… Continue Reading “5 Things To Do When You’re Ill”