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A Five-Step Business Communication Model

  Good communication is important. Great communication is desirable Bad communication can be bad for business.   This week I’ve come across all three. A lovely example of great communication came from a large retail company. In July I bought a USB cable for… Continue Reading “A Five-Step Business Communication Model”

10 Killer Confidence Tricks To Help You Succeed (And Why Girls Need Them)

We all know that confidence comes in waves. One morning you’re on top of the world, then imposter syndrome comes to bite you on the bum and makes your life a living hell. While I expect that lack of confidence comes equally to everyone… Continue Reading “10 Killer Confidence Tricks To Help You Succeed (And Why Girls Need Them)”

Don’t Close Yourself Off

Freelancers don’t close yourself off. There’s a lot to be said for specialising, but one thing I’ve found over the years is that you cannot close yourself off to possibilities. Now, I’m not saying go out and make everything you can do into a… Continue Reading “Don’t Close Yourself Off”