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When you’re in business, it’s vital that your advertising literature and other written material (flyers, brochures, annual reports, website etc.) is accurate and well presented.

Did you know that you can be too close to your own writing to notice when things aren’t quite right or could be improved? That’s where those embarrassing typos creep in … you know, the ones that if you are unlucky get picked up by a potential client, or if you are really unlucky get plastered all over the internet and appear on Buzzfeed.

I can edit your material, proofread it or even help you write it, to help you make your publications the best they can be.

Understandably not everyone knows where editors and proofreaders fit in. You have your specialist knowledge, and we have ours.

Simply put … copy-editors look through your writing once it has been written and you think it’s good to go. We make sure everything is correct, reads well and is consistent. We also look at the format to make sure your writing is acceptable to your clients.

Proofreaders are the final link in the chain … we make sure that no errors have crept in at the last minute. No matter how good the copy-editor or your designer, one last check usually brings up small changes that need to be made.

How I work

I work with hard copy or Word documents (or compatible files) and PDFs, marking up (or tracking the changes in a Word doc) to allow you to see where improvements can be made. These are always only recommendations, it’s up to you whether you decide to go with the changes or not … your work will always be yours. We’ll work closely so that I know what you need and you are comfortable with the process.

I can also proofread/edit your website, ensuring that links work and navigation is easy for your visitors.

To help you decide which service you require, below you will find a quick breakdown of what each service entails.


Happens once the copy has been written:

  • Corrects errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and style.
  • Makes sure the text is appropriate for the readership and easy to read (you don’t want it too technical for the layman, or dumbed down for the expert).
  • Ensures consistency throughout the document, both in terminology and style.
  • Checks all areas of your publication, including tables, graphs, captions, footers, references, bibliographies etc.


The final check before going to print:

  • Compares the proofs to the edited copy. Makes sure that errors haven’t crept in, either working directly with the edited material or working ‘blind’.
  • Checks for errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar and style. Looks for inconsistencies throughout the document.
  • Checks the flow of the document, makes sure that all the pages, tables, figures, graphs etc. are there and numbered correctly.


Right at the beginning you may need help getting your ideas ‘out there’. Know what you want to say, but don’t quite know how to put it on paper? Simply haven’t got the time or the inclination? Working together with you I can help you re-write your copy or write it for you.

So what next?

Please contact me. We can then discuss your project requirements, after which I will be able to give you a no-obligation quote. For prices please check out my Pricing page.

I’ve prepared a handy two-page document to allow you to note down all those vital ingredients that help towards a great working relationship with your editor. Remember, the first editor you approach may not be the best fit, but being armed with the right information makes the whole process easier. Just click on the image below for the free pdf.

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