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When Freelancers Fall Ill

When you are an ill freelancer your day goes something like this:   You wake up needing to stay in bed, but drag yourself out knowing there is work to be done Get on your best blankie / jumper / cardie and snuggle at… Continue Reading “When Freelancers Fall Ill”

A Freelance Editor’s Promise

No matter where you look people are doing business. From the entrepreneurs talking themselves up on Twitter to your local friendly shopkeeper, everyone needs to earn a living. Freelancers are no different; some are better at business than others, and the Internet has been… Continue Reading “A Freelance Editor’s Promise”

It’s Conference Time

This week there is no post. I wish I was away to foreign climes, basking in the sun and sipping on cocktails, but instead I have the next best option. I am away to the SfEP / SI Conference – it’s my first conference… Continue Reading “It’s Conference Time”