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The Importance of Play

As you read this I will be in Glasgow. My husband will have taken time off work to sit at home and entertain our ageing collies and I will be having some quality time with our daughter and her friend. It’s just a quick… Continue Reading “The Importance of Play”

10 steps to productive working

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about things you should know before you turn freelance. Well this week it’s all about productive working once you are freelance. I’ll bet you’ll find some contradictions…but that’s just another part of being your own boss!… Continue Reading “10 steps to productive working”

The Mid-Week Bunk Off

The mid-week bunk off isn’t easy to do. These last few weeks I’ve been working on some lovely books; all books are great but some are more satisfying than others. These were in the higher satisfaction category. So, when all was going well, and… Continue Reading “The Mid-Week Bunk Off”