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Job Descriptions Unleashed

Being freelance doesn’t necessarily mean having to stay freelance all the time. There are opportunities out there for a freelancer to supplement their freelance career with the odd stint of employment, working alongside their not so regular commissions. Particularly if the work offered is… Continue Reading “Job Descriptions Unleashed”

12 Days of Xmas Freelance Stylie

You may have noticed, it’s the Festive Season. So I put together a little ditty for you, inspired by our recent panto run and a song that had us all in stitches. This one won’t but hey, at least I tried 🙂 (You can… Continue Reading “12 Days of Xmas Freelance Stylie”

What’s YOUR Superpower?

Everyone has a superpower. Really … trust me, you do. Everyone does. Apart from making some things infinitely more complicated than they should be (my super anti-power?), my superpower is fact-checking and research. Ok sounds boring, but it’s ingrained from years and years of… Continue Reading “What’s YOUR Superpower?”