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Through the Maze

Something came to me the other day. No it wasn’t my dog Bracken wanting yet another chew stick, it was a realisation. It’s probably best told through a little story. We need a new car, nothing fancy, just a replacement for our eleven year… Continue Reading “Through the Maze”

The Professional Coffee Taster

There’s a lot of talk over the intertubes about productivity. How to get it, how to keep it, what to do if you’ve lost it. Most of the advice is sound, although as can be expected some of it can, quite frankly, be bonkers.… Continue Reading “The Professional Coffee Taster”

The Flexible Freelancer

Do you have what it takes? You’ve ditched the 9 to 5. You’ve got all your paperwork sorted out. You even have a comfy chair to work in. From now on, life is going to be hunky dory; work when you fancy, days off… Continue Reading “The Flexible Freelancer”