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The Typical Freelance Day

Ever wondered what a typical day looks like? For many freelancers it’s a day of juggling, work, networking and the *ahem* occasional coffee. Add in family commitments, and leisure activities and it can get pretty full-on. So I decided to draw you a picture instead… Continue Reading “The Typical Freelance Day”

What’s YOUR Superpower?

Everyone has a superpower. Really … trust me, you do. Everyone does. Apart from making some things infinitely more complicated than they should be (my super anti-power?), my superpower is fact-checking and research. Ok sounds boring, but it’s ingrained from years and years of… Continue Reading “What’s YOUR Superpower?”

The Mid-Week Bunk Off

The mid-week bunk off isn’t easy to do. These last few weeks I’ve been working on some lovely books; all books are great but some are more satisfying than others. These were in the higher satisfaction category. So, when all was going well, and… Continue Reading “The Mid-Week Bunk Off”