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10 things you should know before you turn freelance

  Whether you arrive at a freelance career through choice or by accident there are certain things that you really need to know. Forget about tax returns and ergonomic work spaces, that’s the boring stuff… I’m talking here about the nitty gritty realities of… Continue Reading “10 things you should know before you turn freelance”

Why can’t work be more like Candy Crush?

I did a bad thing over Christmas. Something I swore I’d never do. I started playing Candy Crush. I’m not stupid enough to think that it’s something I can do for long periods, although it did get pretty addictive. Once it was back to… Continue Reading “Why can’t work be more like Candy Crush?”

12 Days of Xmas Freelance Stylie

You may have noticed, it’s the Festive Season. So I put together a little ditty for you, inspired by our recent panto run and a song that had us all in stitches. This one won’t but hey, at least I tried 🙂 (You can… Continue Reading “12 Days of Xmas Freelance Stylie”