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How to brief your editor

It can be scary working with an editor for the first time… Perhaps you are baffled by all the talk of levels of editing, don’t know what the difference is between an editor and a proofreader or are just not sure what you want… Continue Reading “How to brief your editor”

Ditch the Hard Sell, Be a People Person

I don’t believe in the hard sell. I believe in people. Take a look around the internet and often it feels like you are in one huge marketplace. People are screaming at you from all sides. “Buy what I have to sell” “Pick me,… Continue Reading “Ditch the Hard Sell, Be a People Person”

The Importance of Play

As you read this I will be in Glasgow. My husband will have taken time off work to sit at home and entertain our ageing collies and I will be having some quality time with our daughter and her friend. It’s just a quick… Continue Reading “The Importance of Play”