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Time to switch off

If there’s one thing I’ve found, after all these years of being a freelance genealogist and editorial type, it’s that sometimes it can be monumentally difficult to switch off. For example, this afternoon I was in the travel agent’s in town, and while waiting… Continue Reading “Time to switch off”

How A Cartoon Helped Me Relax (And It Can Help You Too)

Running a business can be a pain. Ok, it can be brilliant, but it isn’t all kittens and roses. Every waking minute can revolve around your business. When you’re not doing your actual job, you’re thinking about it, about ways to improve it and… Continue Reading “How A Cartoon Helped Me Relax (And It Can Help You Too)”

Why the break from 9-5 can mean work 24/7

So you go freelance, relish the freedom and settle down for an easier life. Dream on.   Freelance is not easy, especially when you are always on the lookout for a new opportunity, but it can be made even more stressful when you realise… Continue Reading “Why the break from 9-5 can mean work 24/7”