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Women Freelancers – Stop Apologising For Earning a Living

  If you look at this blog written by my lovely colleague John Espirian, you’ll see the PCN (ProCopywriters Network ) survey from this year shows that women copywriters earn, on average, a staggering 29% less than their male counterparts. This isn’t a number… Continue Reading “Women Freelancers – Stop Apologising For Earning a Living”

Semantics at Work

  One word that tends to divide the sole trader, lone wolf, or independent worker is the term freelance. I don’t mind calling myself a freelance, but it appeared in snippets of conversation at the recent SfEP conference, and got me thinking again. Does… Continue Reading “Semantics at Work”

Top 5 Freelance Posts

I’m a great believer in knowing when you are beaten. No, I’m not going to hang up my freelance hat and spend the rest of my days as a lady of leisure on a tropical island (that reminds me … must buy a lotto… Continue Reading “Top 5 Freelance Posts”