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Social Media Roundup

When you are a freelancer there will be times when you are not working at 100% productivity. There are the “brain fug” days, the “oh, my goodness is it only Wednesday” days and the “meh” days. Sometimes you can work through them and sometimes… Continue Reading “Social Media Roundup”

When photos go viral

Last week the Aurora Borealis (or Northern Lights) put on a spectacular display and amongst all the grainy pictures taken all over the country one picture was doing the rounds on Twitter and Facebook – supposedly coming from NASA’s Twitter feed that evening. All… Continue Reading “When photos go viral”

What’s YOUR Superpower?

Everyone has a superpower. Really … trust me, you do. Everyone does. Apart from making some things infinitely more complicated than they should be (my super anti-power?), my superpower is fact-checking and research. Ok sounds boring, but it’s ingrained from years and years of… Continue Reading “What’s YOUR Superpower?”