Why does my business need a copyeditor?

A lot of businesses don’t feel the need for editors, because they don’t actually know what editors do.


Why does your business need it?

Do you ever really think about the words your business uses?

Are they chatty? Serious? Formal? Informal?

Does your business thrive on hard facts or on emotions?

It really doesn’t matter.

You see, until you realise the benefit, you’re never going to fork out a proportion of your business’s budget on an editor.

A lot of businesses don’t feel the need for editors, because they don’t actually know what editors do.

A lot of businesses don’t feel the need for editors, because they don’t actually know what editors do

We’re shrouded in a fog of mystery and misunderstanding.

People often either don’t know or don’t understand what editors and proofreaders do. Don’t know how they can help. Think they’re only publisher types. Or think they’re too expensive.

Yes, we can be expensive (although it’s all relative), but the return on investment can be well worth your time and money.

Ok. Right.

Forget the words ‘editor’ and ‘proofreader’

Think of us as your creative consultant, word wizard, and content reviewer. Written words, meant to be seen by your customers or peers, should reflect your business in the most natural way possible.

We can help you make sense of it all. Simple.

So, let’s attack your pain points.

Spelling mistakes. Nobody cares about them

Wrong. Everybody cares about them.

They’re not the be all and end all. But people do notice them.

And you don’t want to attract the Grammar Police.

Spelling mistakes on your website put across the wrong message, put people off, can add to your website’s bounce rate and can cost you customers.

You don’t know where to start

Don’t worry, we do.

This is what we do, it’s our speciality. Just as selling products, services or consulting is yours.

If you want your pamphlets and brochures to read well, your website to look good and work properly, or your advertising to zing, just ask. Editors are trained to spot problems, and give advice on what you need. You are professionals, and so are we.

You can’t afford a consultant

It doesn’t have to be a big deal. Can you afford not to hire one? Promotional material, websites and publications can cost a lot more in lost revenue than hiring an editorial consultant.

Start small. You don’t have to jump in with a full business audit. Get an editor to look over that next brochure before you send it to the printers.

You’re pretty sure you can do it yourself

Perhaps you can. But why take up your own valuable time when it can spent doing things more productive for your business. People outsource all the time. And we are professionally trained to spot all those little things that you probably won’t spot.

Are you confident that you are presenting yourself to the world in the best possible light?

Rather than reinvent the wheel, I’ve put together some of my most popular articles to help you understand what editors can do for you.

Grab a cuppa and see what you can see.

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people either don't know or don't understand what business editors do

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