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No, this isn’t an article about sub-contracting work, or working within a team to become more efficient at stages of the editorial process.

This is a totally self-indulgent post about my two new editorial assistants.

They are called Minnie Munchkin and Daisy. They’re quite inexperienced, but we have high hopes for their future involvement in the business.

We picked them up on Friday (yes, it’s been a whole week, and so far we have all survived!). They are about to be subjected to extensive training, but we fully expect them to be integrated into the office within a short space of time (they do have issues with cables which need to be ironed out though).


If you don’t like puppies turn away now!


Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I introduce …

Minnie and Daisy!

corgi pups


Minnie has markings that make her look permanently sad. I am disappointing her. She wants to play with the cables and really I should fulfil my part of the contract and let her do as she wishes.



However, I won’t let her play with cables, so she has to make do with her toys instead.



Daisy on the other hand (actually my daughter’s pup), is a little whirlwind.



If she disapproves, she’ll just let you know



We’re in for a fun time, but so far our resident editorial assistant, Moss, has been very accepting. He does love his ‘me time’ though, and I believe he approves of the puppy pen.

Moss and Daisy (2)


So, forgive me if over the next few weeks, months or possibly years, I share their progress. I promise not to overload you all (but hell, aren’t corgis cute!)


(ignore the furry floor … I’m not going for a 70s look, I’ve just not vacuumed! We’ve been busy playing instead)


9 Comments on “Editorial Assistants

  1. Wow, Sara, you’ve got your hands full there. But aren’t they lovely? You’ll need to work out when they prefer to sleep so you know you can get some work done at that time. It’s a pity about the cables being out of bound but probably safer – although I’d be careful combining the cables with the iron (issues with cables which need to be ironed out). I think that might be dangerous and wouldn’t end well . . .
    Have a great weekend with those two!

    • They’re gorgeous and very intelligent! Luckily they have mad half hours then sleep for a while before waking.
      They’re going to be my very own pomodoro technique 😂
      Will keep the iron in the cupboard (probably couldn’t find it anyway)

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  3. They’re adorable. Every editor needs at least one editorial assistant. Mine are Crumpette (dog) and Bella (cat). Both are rescues. They are both efficient at making me take breaks, but each has their own method. Crumpette needs walking – or if it’s raining she uses her lethal fart trick to force me out of the office for at least a while so the air can clear. Bella on the other hand uses the old ‘if you don’t let me on your lap I’ll walk all over your keyboard and delete your work’ trick.

    • Daisy has already tried that last one! Our cat is a rescue that stays outside most of the day so I have to rely on the girls and Moss to keep me in line.

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