Freelance Life

Life can be manic.

One minute you’re happily tootling along, work’s just fine and all is well.


One by one.

Things start going a little off track.

You’ve got a break booked. Work slides a little. You realise you’ll have to take your work with you. The house is a mess. The house isn’t as puppyproof as you’d hope it would be. You have no time left!

The joys and wonders of freelance living …

A lazy freelance day


a manic freelance day


freelancer with bags of money


skint freelancer


Freelancer at party


Freelancer having a night in


Happy freelancer at work


Freelancer with money


Happy freelancer at home


It’s all good. I’m a little up-to-my-eyeballs at the minute, but it’s fine. We’re getting puppies! So, if all goes well the work will be done, the house will be puppyproofed and we’ll soon have two new editorial assistants to keep Moss (our 14-year-old collie) on his toes.

And if I go awol for a week or two, you know why.

One thing freelancers are brilliant at …

juggling freelancer

7 Comments on “Freelance Life

  1. “But really it be like …” HAHAHAA! You’ve always struck me as an excellent juggler, Sarah, so I expect adding puppies to the mix should be no problem. 🙂

    • Thank yooou! Puppies are mental, Moss is being very good with them and even tried playing. Having lots of ‘me time’ though so they don’t wear them out 😁

  2. wow that is very accurate view of freelance displayed in funny drawings.

    Nice post.

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