Typo Time

Oops! Road Sign with Dramatic Blue Sky.

I’ve had my head buried in work. It’s very interesting work, but this week has flown by. So I decided not to write a serious blog post (ok, I forgot, but hey a girl’s gotta pay the bills).

Working with words I’m used to spelling mistakes, heck I even make a few myself when I’m writing (even I am not immune, people), but there are a few that are obvious, some not so, some are rude and some are so frequent that a mnemonic really helps stamp them out.

Here are a few, and I’ll bet you have more (come on, let us know them, post in the comments below).

worry shock stepping out of comfort zone
Noooo! A spelling mistake! 

Lightening no, no, no, no, no. That’s not how you spell the powerful force of nature, unless, erm, it’s a birth related, feminine type you’re after (I’ll let you look it up in the dictionary).

They’ll tow your car away if you’ve been naughty, but if you see your car being toad away … run. Huge amphibians usually herald the apocalypse in bad 1950s sci-fi.

Shoplifters will be prostituted. Oh, come on, don’t tell me you haven’t seen prosecuted and made it into an x-rated punishment form.

If you see a sign to ‘please use the tongues’ in a bakery, please don’t lick the bread-based products – use the tongs instead.

If you’ve worked in management, you know the boardroom really is the boredroom, but it shouldn’t appear in company documents.


Make sure the band member is playing the drums, not the drugs. That your priest is praying to God, not Dog, and that you don’t write your Christmas list to Satan (Santa is much more likely to give you what you really want).

They’re happy with their life there. (Remember they’re means they are; there will eventually be here in time if you move that way).

The man took out his stationery while he was stationary (if in doubt which one to use, stationery includes envelopes).

Make sure your friend doesn’t become a fiend, unless of course that’s what you really mean (we all have at least one acquaintance who is both).

Be veeeery careful when touch typing the word ‘shut’, a slip of the finger could land you in the poo.

And watch the word spacing if telling someone that your pen is amazing.

And finally, of course, always, always check to make sure you are writing about the public, and not pubic baths.


Disclaimer: if you find a typo in this post it’s intentional, obvs.

2 Comments on “Typo Time

  1. Lightening is one I come across frequently, Sarah. The others not so much – although they’re definately – see what I did? That’s another one – doing the rounds on Facebook. Affect/effect is a common confusion, and I have one client who always spells pocket ‘pocked’.

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