Brexit – Why Your Business Needs An Editor … Now


A lot has happened over the last two weeks or so. I decided to take a holiday, I received a distinction pass in my OU creative writing course (delighted is an understatement) and the UK voted to leave the EU. All hell seems to be breaking loose, and I don’t think it’s because I was off the Internet and doing the victory dance over my writing course.

Now more than ever, business in the UK needs to be on the ball, putting its best foot forward and generally sprucing itself up. It’s a tough old world out there and it’s going to get tougher, for the short-term at least.

That’s why your business needs an editor … now.

Do you have business documentation, a website, flyers, and brochures?

Do you want to look your very best to attract clients?

Do you want to show that you mean business and care about your presentation?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these, you need an editor.

Spelling mistakes can cost you money and can lose you credibility. They can even stop potential customers from seeing you as trustworthy. Look around the Internet and you’ll find mention that the average customer spends only a minute on a website, and makes a decision to leave within the first few seconds. You need to grab the attention of your website visitors to keep them from going elsewhere, and you need to make sure that spelling mistakes and bad grammar don’t result in your publications heading straight into the recycling bin.

trash can, rubbish, discarded writing
Don’t let your documentation end up here!

You can make sure your content is of a professional standard yourself (although a professional proofread is recommended), but if you are in any way unsure of your writing ability, your spelling or if you just don’t have the time to spend, an editor can do it for you.

What can an editor do for YOUR business?

An editor can:

Check for spelling mistakes

Correct bad grammar

Make sure your copy is suitable for its intended audience

Make sure your copy does what you want it to do

Make sure your copy is in the most logical order

Check layout and typography

Check consistency

Make sure there is no dummy text left in your writing

Check your website copy, links and pages

A professionally trained eye can spot problems that you have missed or have grown used to and don’t see any more. Editors can even recommend better ways to lay out your copy and point out what could be there, but isn’t.

Hiring an editor is not a luxury, it’s an investment in your business.


Can I help you? Contact me for a free, no-obligation consultation.


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