Top 5 Freelance Posts

I’m a great believer in knowing when you are beaten.

No, I’m not going to hang up my freelance hat and spend the rest of my days as a lady of leisure on a tropical island (that reminds me … must buy a lotto ticket) – I’ve just been beaten by work overload.

I won’t bore you with the details, but let’s just say that there aren’t enough hours in the day at the moment, so this week’s blog is a ‘best of’.

Looking at my stats I’ve noticed that my most popular posts are those that really get to the nitty-gritty of freelance life. Perhaps it’s because I discuss things other people don’t, or perhaps you are just all intrigued by going freelance, either way it’s an interesting thing to notice (well … it is for me anyway).

So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to my five most popular posts about life as a freelance consultant (plus one bonus post, just for the hell of it).




Why The Break From 9–5 Can Mean Work 24/7

Originally posted in July 2013, this article concentrates on what the break into freelancing can actually mean to your working life, and gives you a five-step challenge to get your life back on track.


Editing Head

Is Your Editing Head Always On?

Another from 2013, this post concentrates on the peculiar habits of editors who just can’t switch off. If you see someone whipping out a red pen and defacing a restaurant menu, they probably aren’t vandals … just editors who can’t leave that red pen at home.


cupboard monster for NE front page

10 Things Freelancers Should Know

From 2014, we delve into ten things you should know as you embark on your freelance career. As the siren’s song lures you into the freelance world, there are some things she’s not telling you. Bound and gagged in the stationery cupboard, there are some secrets trying desperately to get your attention.



The Great Freelance Taboo

Is there something you think people aren’t telling you about freelancing life? Pop over to another one of my most popular posts and find out just what it is.


5 basics of freelance

5 Basics of Freelance

Freelancing is scary, it’s damn scary. Whether you are thinking about taking the leap, have already jumped, or are treading water at the bottom of the metaphorical waterfall you happened to fly over once you did take the jump, these five basics of freelance stand true. Understand them and you will soon be grabbing the towel of freedom and enjoying working your way. (Was the towel of freedom too much? Thought so).


Finally, here’s one of my most popular posts aimed at the business community:

thinking businessman

10 Reasons Your Business Needs An Editor

Don’t think you need an editor for your business documentation? Think again!


So there we are, some of my top posts on freelance life. Now, back to the overload (don’t worry it’s not all work, most of my overload is other ‘stuff’ … I really need to sort out my work / life balance!)

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