Time to relax

candy canes

I’ve been staring at the screen for a while now. It’s Friday, blog day, and there is no blog. This isn’t down to writer’s block, it’s down to good old-fashioned time management (or lack of it if I’m perfectly honest).

Over the past two weeks I’ve been busy with work and with panto (yes, I expect I’ve mentioned that over the past four months or so), so things became a little hectic. Four months of activity culminated in a fantastic pantomime that was sold out almost as soon as tickets went on sale. The week flew by, but most of my outside of work activity involved paperwork, running around and general theatre-type stuff. This in turn led to this last week’s madness. Work was finished and the realisation that no Christmas gifts had been purchased slapped me in the face. I was also a week behind in my creative writing coursework. So yesterday, feeling lucky to be an independent consultant with no boss to argue with, I took the day off to head down south for some Christmas shopping.

This week there is no editing blog, because it proves that freelancers can be fulfilled and busy without it all being work related. Once our work is done, just like anyone else, we can kind of lose the plot a bit.

So …

The presents are all bought (thanks to a day of frantic shopping yesterday)

The parcels have been sent (thanks to a morning of frantic wrapping)

The food has been ordered (thanks to an observant daughter reminding me to order turkey)

The current work assignment has been finished off (thanks to working hard)

I’ll be taking a few weeks off to re-charge my batteries and enjoy the festive season – this year I am actually taking a real break for the first time in years, so there really will be no blog during that time.

All that is left to do is to wish you all a wonderful festive season, whatever your festivities are.

See you next year!

Merry Christmas

6 Comments on “Time to relax

  1. This all sounds very familiar, Sara! Why is it we get ‘lumbered with doing Christmas’ every year? I’m also madly finalising work – haven’t even found the time to send out invoices yet, so unless I’ve done the past month’s work for free, I better get to it (I’ll also need the money to pay the inevitable massive post-Xmas credit card bill). As women, we not only find ourselves responsible for Christmas, but organising trips away. So there’s last minute packing, shopping, checking, making packing lists for the kids (at least they’re old enough to pack – if not to think for themselves). In short, it’s stressful! My daughter has been great helping with cards and present wrapping this year. Of course, this is conditioning because one day, she’ll have a family and have to do the same thing! Hope you enjoy your break and come back refreshed and ready to write in 2016. Perhaps your first article should be ‘How to Delegate Christmas’.

    • What a good idea 😉 Well, I’ve decided to ditch Christmas cards this year so that’s one less thing, but the decorations will have to go up tomorrow. It’s a shame that what is supposed to be a celebration gets so stressful. Never mind… there’s always Prosecco. Have a lovely break… when you get around to taking it 🙂

  2. Happy Christmas, Sara! I just wrote up my six-point simplicity Christmas task list on Facebook. People seem to be resonating with it. 🙂

    Yep, I love my hippified life, and will take it from city to country in 2016. You, my friend, are already there, with all the wonder as well as the inconveniences of living on an edge of the world. And someday soon, it will be time to find a companion like your two canines. I love those faces whenever you post them.

    May the sun shine, at least a little, where you are this time of year. 🙂

    • Merry Christmas Joanne… I loved your simplicity plan 🙂 You won’t go wrong if you choose a companion from your local rescue centre…my boys were from ours and I wouldnt be without them 🙂 xx

  3. What’s the deal with time management? I just make sure I get all my fun, unpaid stuff done first and then notice I haven’t had time to earn any money this month. Oh, wait a minute…

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