When Freelancers Fall Ill


When you are an ill freelancer your day goes something like this:


You wake up needing to stay in bed, but drag yourself out knowing there is work to be done

Get on your best blankie / jumper / cardie and snuggle at your desk

Work at 50% capacity, but know at least you’re working

Drink more hot orange / blackcurrant / dubious self-made infusions than coffee

Wish you could taste the coffee

Eat cake (it’s allowed, you’re ill)


Take an elongated break to watch your latest box set

Wonder how on earth you are going to meet your deadlines

Wish you were still doing the 9–5 so you could take a duvet day and still get paid

Search for more cake … or chocolate

Realise you’re just not getting into the ‘work’ thing

Sit at your desk and try to work, perhaps 25% productivity is ok?

Drink more concoctions

Make the coffee stronger

Eat more cake


Take another break, you’ll feel better soon

Realise again you’re just not getting into the ‘work’ thing

Give up and snuggle down for the duration

Then you finally realise that when you are a freelancer, and you are ill, you are better taking the day off and catching up when you feel better.


Here’s to all the freelancers around the world who work when they are ill, and to all the ones who finally give up and take a day off.

I’ve finally realised sometimes you just need to roll with it and give in.



4 Comments on “When Freelancers Fall Ill

  1. Look thank u for the post
    I am so happy to finally find that I am not the only one facing this problem.
    Thanks again

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