Read books, it’s good for the soul

As it’s the weekend, and I’m about to settle down to the latest offering from my book club (The Rocks by Peter Nichols… quite intriguing so far), I thought I’d treat you to a book review round-up.

Ever since I started my blog the intention was to astound you with fabulous insights into my life, my work and my reading habits. The reality is probably less fabulous, and more down-to-earth, but we all need to reach for the sky. As my reading habits can be quite eclectic, possibly due to my day job, you may find something here to intrigue you (I haven’t included all of my reviews… there are more lurking, see if you can find them!). Some books are old (ish), some are new, but they all have one thing in common… an honest review from a reader who believes that life is too short for boring books. 


Agent Dmitri 

Agent Dmitri secret history spy

When I saw the tagline “The Secret History of Russia’s Most Daring Spy” I mentally checked it under exaggeration for the sake of publicity. After all, every good book needs a tagline to draw in the reluctant reader; something to get the bookshop browser to pick up the book and pay the man, and something to make the internet browser stop long enough to gain interest.

But as I read through the book I realised that this tagline might also be a true statement.


The Classic Cocktail Bible  

classic cocktail bibleLove cocktails? You’ll love this little gem!

Gin, rum, vodka, whisky, tequila… all your favourite cocktails plus a whole bucketful more to tempt your taste buds and get you reaching for the cocktail shaker.


The Longest Way Home 

longest way home

A travel book with a difference… Journey with Andrew McCarthy as he searches for that elusive “something”.


Ghost Adventures Crew book reviews 

GAC booksLove watching the crew wandering round haunted locations and scaring the pants off themselves? Me too, but when Zak and Nick wrote their biographies I just had to buy them. I wasn’t disappointed.


Careless Fiction  

careless people HIGHCareless People isn’t just a biography of Scott Fitzgerald, it’s the biography of New York in 1922. We have Scott and Zelda’s life entwined with Great Neck, Long Island, an affluent peninsula a short drive from New York (and the fictionalised West Egg of Gatsby) running alongside each chapter of The Great Gatsby, which in turn weaves around one of the most fantastic real-life double murders of the decade.



The Poisoned Island

Poisoned-Island-Hardback-Front-smallA mysterious island in the Pacific, its inhabitants fighting for survival amidst the arrival of European travellers; the emerging wonders of the gardens at Kew; the ship Solander back from a mission; a Magistrate and his constable … oh, and a few gruesome deaths to add to the fun. All linked within a story that will want you to read through the night.


Ocean at the end of the lane 

ocean at the end of the laneNeil Gaiman weaves a compelling and spellbinding story that you’ll want to read again and again.


Gone Girl  

gone girlOk, you’ve seen the film, but have you read the book? I reviewed the book way back in 2013, and loved it.


Longbourn: Pride and Prejudice, the Servants’ Story  

Loungbourn HB coverLongbourn is one of those books that pulls you in, little by little, until you are truly captivated by its storytelling. Once you reach the final pages you are sad to say goodbye to the characters whose lives you have followed but, unlike many stories where there is a gaping void left by the ending, the finish here is satisfying and natural.

You can also read Jo’s guest blog on her inspiration for the book

2 Comments on “Read books, it’s good for the soul

  1. My word — what a wonderful and eclectic reading list you’re presenting! There are lots on this list I’ve not heard of, so thank you for that. As for astounding me with fabulous insights into your life: Mission accomplished. Well, at least some fabulous insights into your reading habits. 🙂

    • There are more book reviews dotted around the last few years of blog. I will admit I do have eclectic tastes though. 😉

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