Five reasons to love small businesses

Running a small business is tough.

A freelancer runs a small business, but often without the physical presence of a “proper” business like a shop… which also makes it tough.

But, hey… life is tough. Get over it!

legal team stressed


Small businesses are fabulous.

These days a small business really can give the big boys a run for their money.

Whether you are running a small business or are using one there are a number of advantages, so…

Why choose the small business over the large one?

  1. Great customer service… you’re not just a number, you’re a valued client.

Small businesses value your custom and, because their turnover isn’t as fast and furious as the larger companies dominating the market, you are not just a number to them. Chances are you’ll get great customer service.

  1. There’s no being shunted through departments waiting your turn.

Usually a small business doesn’t have all the departmental politics. If you phone them, the chances are you won’t have to wait 20 minutes listening to a musak version of the William Tell Overture before getting through to talk to someone. If you have a query, the same applies. The person on the end of the phone will either be the person you need to talk to, or they’ll be able to put you through pretty quickly.

  1. Personal touch.

A small business is the result of an individual’s hard work, and usually you’ll find a lot of the “person” in the business. The personal touch can be what makes the business unique. From little extras to a certain flair, the experience of using that business will often be more pleasurable than using a corporate giant.

  1. Specialisation

Smaller businesses are often more specialised; rather than offering all-singing all-dancing services, they take care and attention over one area. They may not be a one-stop shop, but they are experts in their field. Remember the grocer, the butcher, the fishmonger, the haberdasher and the tailor? They all have their area of expertise, and rather than a poorer quality service from a large generic “all under one roof” store experience, a visit to your local specialist will be a much richer experience.

  1. Referral

If a small business can’t help you itself they can usually point you towards someone who can. From local contacts through to a wider network of businesses, there is very often a willingness to help. From the small shop that can’t obtain an item for you…but knows someone who can, to the freelancer who is not specialised in your needs, but can point you in the right direction, the smaller business can often help where others wouldn’t.

So there you are… small businesses really are worth shouting about*. They put the friendly face back into a world that seems to be creeping towards the generic.

Businessman Speaking Through Megaphone

*I know… you know this already, but it’s always good to touch base with the real things in life. And if you need someone to go through your written word, contact me.

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