Social Media Roundup

When you are a freelancer there will be times when you are not working at 100% productivity. There are the “brain fug” days, the “oh, my goodness is it only Wednesday” days and the “meh” days. Sometimes you can work through them and sometimes you have to give up, after all that’s one of the advantages of freelancing… as long as you hit the targets and deadlines it’s up to you when you get the work done.

But, sometimes, you can turn the days around and make them more productive just by kicking back. So, in the time-honoured tradition of recycling ideas, this week I present to you some blogs from days gone by that you may have missed. All with one loose theme of social media.

If you have visited these blogs before perhaps you will find something new, and if you have not read them… I hope you find them useful*. Just click on the titles to take you to the blog posts.

Social Media – the #HireMe #FireMe water-cooler effect

It’s widely acknowledged that whether you are a freelancer or employed in a more conventional way, social media is a way of keeping up with your industry and meeting people. In the last few years there has been such an explosion that it’s virtually impossible to join every network and still have time to work. There is however one upside to social media that can’t be ignored…it can lead to employment… (cont.)


Lost in the Crowd

There are so many social and blogging platforms floating out here in the intertubes.
It’s like looking down from one of those stunt helicopters flying overhead at Wembley Stadium, when the stadium is full to the brim of people, and trying to find your friend in the crowd. The friend with the beers and the cheery smile… (cont.)

(c) Adam Raoof
(c) Adam Raoof

Errors in Communication

Those pesky little words we get mixed up, are they the scourge of humanity or just one of those things?
I, yes people even I, occasionally make a mistake and tweet the wrong word (not very often mind you, ok, yes… more often than I’d care to admit)… (cont.)


Ten Steps to Successful Blogging

First of all it’s not easy! Don’t kid yourself. Step one… do not pretend that a blog will be instantly successful, that it will get you “found” by a social media company who will whisk you away to untold riches or that you will suddenly land a book deal. That happens rarely. Most bloggers battle to be heard and will only ever reach modest follower numbers… (cont.)



This blog has been brought to you due to the great gods of summer hayfever brainfug… normal service will be resumed next week.

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