The Mid-Week Bunk Off

The mid-week bunk off isn’t easy to do.

hamster wheel

These last few weeks I’ve been working on some lovely books; all books are great but some are more satisfying than others. These were in the higher satisfaction category.

So, when all was going well, and ahead of schedule, I decided to bunk off work for the afternoon. Nothing fancy, just a trip to the cinema to see a film I want to see. A lone visit, mid-afternoon with popcorn and a slushy… the kind where you virtually have the cinema to yourself and you can just relax.

Movie Popcorn

Monday was a full on work day, so I figured Tuesday afternoon was ripe for a bit of a skive. But come Tuesday afternoon I got a bit too engrossed in what I was doing, managed to miss the first showing then realised the second would be too late for the school run. Damn. Never mind, when you are in full-on work mode sometimes it’s hard to pull away from the computer screen.

Wednesday… cinema day. Work was still flowing beautifully. Half an hour before the screen time I checked the cinema’s website… and the next showing seemed to have been bumped up. It wasn’t til almost show time that I realised (thanks to the lovely cinema person on Facebook)  that the website updates when you can no longer book online (oh how fab is technology now). I could still make the film, but then I realised that the showing time actually clashed with other things I had to do ahead of the evening screening of Richard II with David Tennant (a live cinemacast from Stratford). To get everything done and still make the evening cinema meant no afternoon jaunt for me. So I settled down and finished off the work instead. By the end of the afternoon it was done and dusted.

Richard II was amazing… if you get a chance to see it…go!

So, that left Thursday. A day when there was no way I could bunk off things that had to be done.

The week is now ending and I didn’t manage my afternoon off. Unsurprisingly this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. When you work for “the man” you can’t take a spontaneous afternoon off without repercussions. When you work for yourself, as a freelance, one of the joys of the freedom involved is supposed to be a chance, occasionally, to drop tools at will and go on a jolly.


It’s more difficult than you think.

Next Tuesday… I have scheduled an appointment with a cinema seat and a bucket of popcorn

8 Comments on “The Mid-Week Bunk Off

  1. Ah, Sara. I fee for you. Indeed, it’s so true. Great plans are often sent to the “later” basket even when you supposedly have all the flexibility in the world. Still gotta make a living and take care of the errands…:)

    • Totally.

      Although there have been times recently when I haven’t had time to shop, as I’ve been so busy, so the cupboards have been bare. That never goes down well!

      I SHALL make it to the cinema next week… I have booked the time off (but haven’t actually bought the tickets, just in case)

  2. I so agree. For the last year, working from home, I have been feeling busier than the 20 previous years of my corporate life, leading me to wonder how did I ever manage before? I think we put more pressure on ourselves when it’s our business. But I wouldn’t trade the pleasure of working in my sweats, dogs sleeping at my feet, all day long. So far, I haven’t forgone daily showers….although they seem to take place later and later in the day…

    • Aaaah the joys of sleeping dogs… and dogs who wake up and stare and stare and stare when the odd biscuit is had with coffee.

      I enjoyed working with my colleagues in an academic atmosphere, but I also enjoy the freelance life. You’re right, we do put pressure on ourselves but I don’t think I could go back to “proper” work 😉

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