Lost in the Crowd

There are so many social and blogging platforms floating out here in the intertubes.

It’s like looking down from one of those stunt helicopters flying overhead at Wembley Stadium, when the stadium is full to the brim of people, and trying to find your friend in the crowd. The friend with the beers and the cheery smile.

File:Take That Wembley.jpg
(c) Adam Raoof http://www.flickr.com/photos/adamraoof/3689497647/

And that’s only Twitter! There’s another hundred-odd stadiums, one for each social platform, each linked by a gangway, probably strewn with cans and with chewing-gum gloop on the floor, and the odd drunk loitering in the shadows.

But a select few know that there are subterranean tunnels which can transport you to the stadium of your choice, on fluffy pillows with complimentary goodies and a tour guide if you need it. And a concierge who will find your friend for you, and lead you to him (Ok, I’m being metaphorical here people).

Interconnected stadiums
Lots of stadiums, viewed from a metaphorical helicopter… complete with a bungee cord and a stuntman dressed as the Queen

Are you one of those select few? Or are you one of those millions who wander aimlessly, jostling in the throng trying to find your mate with the beer, then getting gum on your shoes when you try to migrate?

So what’s the secret of being one of the select few I hear you cry?

Well, from what I can tell, peering out from the doors of the helicopter, circling above… the secret is… being passionate and being friendly, and being willing to learn.


I know… it seems kind of lame doesn’t it.

Friendly – but they’re laughing at us you know


But you have a look around, and the people that do best in Social Media seem to be the ones who are passionate about what they do, know where they should be and are friendly with it. The ones who are just there to make noise eventually get lost in the crowd… the others in the stadium realise they are out for themselves and stop sharing with them. They may have a stadium full of followers, but they rarely listen or interact with them. Sometimes the ones who shout loudest are unveiled to be full of hot air and eventually deflate.

The friendly ones get help to move from one stadium to the other or know intuitively where they should be, their passion follows them, as do their friends and they are eventually easy to find. They move from stadium to stadium on those fluffy pillows with an entourage of friends and followers. They are often the ones with the words of wisdom, whispered quietly to those around, but their word spreads.

So, in the stadiums of the Social, seek out those who aren’t shouting, the ones who are passionate and the ones who are genuinely knowledgeable. When you want to migrate from one place to another, follow their lead and talk to their friends.

Be one of those select few*…

*and if you don’t know any of the select few, follow some of the big guys for a while as you learn.

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        The Hootsuite blog


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